Technical assistance

Assistance to production

  • Code consulting, compliance with North Sea rules and regulations.
  • 3D Modelling and 2D drafting, bill of materials, generation of as built drawings.
  • Assistance to material selection, procurement, logistics, customs clearance.
  • Revision of welding procedures and welding maps.
  • Production of traceability records (material certificates, non destructive testing, mechanical tests, etc).
  • Coordination with Certifying Body during design review and production surveys.
  • Engineering and production weight control┬ácompliant with ISO 19901-5.
  • Lifting and handling planning.
  • Mechanical testing procedures and witnessing/undertaking.
  • Bolt tightening procedures and verification.
  • Pipe cleaning and flushing procedures and verification.
  • Pressure test procedures and witnessing/undertaking.
  • Coating procedures and specifications, coating production tests.
  • Assistance to mechanical completion, pre-commissioning check lists and commissioning procedures.