Cargo baskets

  • Compliant with DNV Standard for Certification No 2.7-1 Offshore Containers (April 2006).
  • High tensile carbon steel design, coating system compliant with Norsok M-501 and/or ISO 12944.
  • Standard design suitable for design temperature of -20ºC, lower temperature (-40ºC) as an option.
  • Forklift pockets and certified lifting lugs and lifting set.
  • Stackable up to two heights without requiring to detach the lifting slings.
  • Internal tie down points for secure cargo fastening and external tug points.
  • Drainage points and anti slip finish on floor surface.
  • Ready to be fitted with pipe or tool joint supports.
  • Custom designed for special cargo or load configurations, and stable lifting arrangements.
  • Other dimensions and ratings upon request.
  • Optional design compliant with DNV's Standard for Certification No 2.7-3 for extended ratings up to 50 tons.


Description Dimensions (mm) Tare (kg) Payload (kg) MGW (kg)
10F1 L3029xW1200xH1255 TBA TBA 15000
12F1 L3630xW1200xH1255 TBA TBA 15000
20F1 L6058xW1200xH1255 TBA TBA 15000

 Offshore rated cargo basket