Drill cutting skips

  • Compliant with DNV Standard for Certification No. 2.7-1 Offshore Containers (April 2006).
  • Safe and efficient containment of drilling waste for transportation to onshore treatment site, vacuum rated.
  • Produced in high tensile carbon steel, coated with Norsok M-501 and/or ISO 12944 compliant system.
  • Standard design suitable for design temperature of -20ºC, lower temperature (-40ºC) as an option.
  • Compliant with Norsok S-002 requirements to improve health and safety.
  • Vacuum rated and/or suitable for gravitatory assisted feeding.
  • Oil resistant seal so as to prevent leaks and spillage during transportation.
  • Forklift pockets and certified lifting lugs and lifting set.
  • Stackable up to two heights without requiring to detach the lifting slings.
  • Other dimensions and capacities upon request.


Description Dimensions (mm) Tare (kg) Payload (kg) MGW (kg)
8.5T L2100xW1810xH1290 1250 7250 8500

Mud Skips