Pressure Equipment

Pressure equipment


The European Directive 97/23/EC, covers the design and manufacture of pressure equipment and assemblies with a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0.5 bar. The manufacturer is responsible for verifying whether a particular product falls within the scope of the Directive. 

All equipment within the scope must meet the essential safety requirements set out in the Directive. Depending upon the type of equipment, in particular its pressure rating, volume and/or fluid type, manufacturers may select a procedure from a range of conformity modules.

We can assist the manufacturer with self certification of pressure equipment:

  • Application and compliance with Pressure Equipment Directive (Directive 97/23/EC).
  • Review and selection of materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Development of technical documentation and instruction manual.
  • Assessment of applicable essential health & safety requirements.
  • Risk analysis and risk assessment.
  • Calculations for capacity, security and operation.
  • Coordination with Notified Body (where applicable).
  • Inspection and testing of pressure equipment.

The European Directive 97/23/EC, together with the Directive for Simple Pressure Vessels 2009/105/EC and the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35/EC conforms the legal framework for pressure equipment. 

Compliance with this Directive allows you to place your products on the European market.